Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Little Art Quilts

These three little art qults are made with fabric paper and fussy cut fabric and paint. Just to show you how easy and inexpensive it is to make a pretty piece.

I get together with several ladies in town to do fabric art and they wanted me to show them what they can do with the fabric paper and the small amount of batik that we have been doing. Well, all of them but one has never done art quilts, only traditional quilts. So, they told me that if they could be shown something to get them started, then they could visualize what to do. That is why I made these pieces. I will give each of the three ladies, who are new to art quilts, a piece of their choice and tell them to finish embellishing it as they wish, and make it a finished piece with a backing etc.
I will show photos of the finished pieces here when they are through working on them.

I think they will have fun with it.

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Lana's Threads and Musings said...

These are great! I tried paper fabric once but think I had my glue too thick. I will try it again sometime.