Thursday, June 25, 2009

True Secret Name for Sani

I read this somewhere....
Once, before time began, light laughed out names and you heard light laughing and, liking the sounds light was making, you chose one for your very own. You have always had this name, but then you were born, and the forgetting started. Sometimes, when you sit beneath a big oak you hear something being whispered that you can't quite catch. Or you pick up a seashell, and there it is again. It hides in the sound of a bird's flapping wing and in the red crackle of a hot fire: your name, your name, your name.

Well, Sani has found her secret true's Shimasani !
Gail has seen and declared that Sani is female and now her name has been changed. Shimasani is Navajo for female old one.

I am very happy with the new name.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

She has a wonderful name - a fitting name - an only-for-her name. Can't wait to see what she will become!!