Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Full Wolf Moon Doll

Full Wolf Moon Doll
Native Americans have names for each full moon of the year.
Bea at Dog in the Hole Studio decided to present a challenge
for anyone who wanted to try something different.
Each month we are to create our version
of a doll or quilt block etc. to represent
that month's full moon name.
Each month has several names.
One name for January is
Full Wolf Moon,
and I chose to do a doll
with that name.
I used polymer clay to create this 10 inch doll.
The full moon
and a wolf paw print
decorate her clothing.
Her necklace is part of an old earring I had.
Real feathers adorn her hair.
I added feathers and Juniper berries
at the base she is standing on.
She is holding a basket
(an old tea strainer without the handle)
full of mountain laurel seed pods.
Click on
to read some info
on how the Indians
used the mountain laurel
in their daily lives.
Juniper berries were very important to
the Native Americans.
They can be used to make vibrant purple dyes.
Black beads can be made
from juniper berries.
After collecting a fair quantity of berries,
string them on a small sliver of wood
and let them dry.
After they have dried,
pour grease on the fire
and smoke the dried berries
in the thick smoke,
turning the berries black.
Polish and string the beads
interspersing with wolf willow beads.


Bea said...

Oh Yvonne, she is beautiful. Just beautiful. You are so talented. I love all the information that you included in your post. She is a wonderful start to your Full Moon Collection. :)Bea

yvonne said...

I'm blushing Bea...thanks so much for you comments. She was fun to make and I had never done a doll like this before. Getting ideas for the Feb. doll already.

Melissa said...

Oh I just love her little face!

yvonne said...

Thanks Melissa. I didn't have a face mold like I wanted so I made thisone, sort of like the storyteller dolls. I put green sead beads in for her eyes. I couldn't decide to have her eyes closed or open, so I finally went with open. Glad you stopped by.

Deborah said...

She is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this doll, her face is adorable! I'm like you, wanting to create original faces, and yours is perfect. There is so much expression in it! You included so many important and nice things with your sculpture -- the feathers, tea strainer, ear-ring, berries and finally the mountain laurel with a link to read about it. We have tons of wild mountain laurel in our area, and I'm so happy to learn of its importance. Thank you for sharing this wonderful doll!

yvonne said...

Thanks Deborah for your nice comment. Glad you stopped in.

yvonne said...

Thank you Barbara. It's so nice to know my art is appreciated. I wish I could find wolf willow so I could use those. I love putting a little bit of nature in my art. Feathers are a passion I guess. I always seem to add those in most of my art. Thanks again and I'm happy you stopped in.

Gail V said...

Wow, I got behind on your posts, Y. Love the doll, the blue chair quilt, and the african masks. You're having so much fun!

yvonne said...

Thanks Gail. I did have fun making all of them. I keep busy, try to work in my studio daily. I usually stay up kind of late too, not a good sleeper. But believe it or not, I have slowed down. LOL

Heather said...

she's very beautiful! what a lovely creation~

yvonne said...

Thanks Heather for visiting and for your comment. This Full Moon project is fun. I'm not sure what I will do for the Feb. challenge...a doll, a quilt block, a journal page??? Will have to think on it. Hope you come back to see.:)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

hmmmm....I'm working on plugging the hole in the ozone layer again (my first comment disappeared). I shall repeat...I think you should continue to do a doll each month because they'd made a wonderful display.

yvonne said...

Thanks MA. I plan on making one each month for this project, and may continue in the same style someway. Thanks for your encouragement.