Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midsummer... time of the rose

Summer Solstice...
longest day of the year...
a time to celebrate...

This is the time of the rose,
 blossom and thorn,
 fragrance and blood.
Now on this longest day,
 light triumphs,
and yet begins the decline into the dark.
 The Sun King grown embraces the Queen of Summer
 in the love that is death
because it is so complete
that all dissolves into the single song of ecstasy
that moves the worlds.
So the Lord of Light
dies to Himself,
and sets sail across the dark seas of time,
searching for the isle of light that is rebirth.
We turn the Wheel
and share his fate,
 for we have planted the seeds
of our own changes
and to grow
we must accept
even the passing of the sun.

(The Spiral Dance, HarperCollins, 1999, p. 205)

Savor the Day!

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