Monday, September 27, 2010

TDA Quilt Unveiled

Here it is! 
Click on images and zoom in
 to see just how beautiful this quilt is!
The 2010 Texas Dept. Of Agriculture's
Wildlife Adventure Awaits Quilt.
You can see my turtle block toward the bottom on the right.
The quilt was gorgeous. 
I really can't say enough
about the work that went into this
by all of these talented women.
The ladies who designed it and quilted it did a wonderful job.
 There are 25 winning blocks, including mine,
 and smaller blocks of embroidered animals,
pieced blocks of batik,
and batik borders.
There is hand stitching, ribbon embroidery, beading and more .
So much detail is in this quilt.
The quilting is custom for each individual block.

Here is a close up of my turtle block
and you can see some of the smaller pieced blocks that they added,
a winning fish block,
and some of the quilting that was done.
Remember they sent us the fabrics to use in our block,
brown leather, cream linen, green wool,
and a variety of cotton batiks to choose from.

I'm standing here with Maria Davis,
 who was the quilter/designer for this project.
Terri Vogds contributed with the embroidery detail/design work on the quilt also.

The quilt will be on display at the state fair for one month,
then travel around the state
 with the TDA's permanent quilt collection
from now on.
It was great to be a part of this!

For more info on this quilt you can go to
(to the consumers area)
They will soon be putting up pics of the quilt,
and also more about
what each quilter said
 about their individual block.
Here is what I said....
"Texas turtles, both land and sea,
 have an important role to play in nature.
If we lose them, it affects everything.
They have been here on this planet,
 in something like their present form,
 since before the age of dinosaurs.
According to Indian legend,
the turtles back provided a base
for the first land
that was formed
in the midst of the great waters. 
Conservation of the turtle's habitat is crucial.
The fabric in the top two thirds of the block
has holes in it,
 representing the habitat that is changing."

The presentation was very nice,
the unveiling was exciting,
the quilt was beautiful...

but best of all....

my sister Lanette got to share all of this with me.

Savor the Day!


La Dolce Vita said...

congratulations! this is just an outstanding piece! it must feel great to be a part of this! and you look so beautiful, love your wrap and your necklace! looks like you had a great time! xox

Yvonne said...

Thanks Cat for your sweet comment. You just made my day! :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The quilt is absolutely spectacular! You must feel honoured and so excited to be a part of it. Congratulations Yvonne!!

Quilt or Dye said...

I remember your telling us about this when your turtle block was chosen. I liked your block then and I think it is in great company now. Congratulations!

Bea said...

I love this quilt and i love that they used different fabrics other than just cotton. Beautiful job.

Gail V said...

Oh, I just LOVE this quilt! What a great collaboration piece. It's beautiful, and your block is one of my very favorites, Y. Congrats on being included in this!

cadi said...

Wow, that quilt turned out gorgeous. It's amazing how it came together.