Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mixed Media Art Necklace and Ice Pics

Thespa at Vintiquities Workshop is offering
free mixed media art classes now.
I watched her first video
and made this
mixed media rose necklace.
I used my rusted fabic, an old key
and a broken rhinestone barrette.
Thespa's video is easy to follow
so go check it out.
I made this necklace on
one of our coldest days.

We are 80 degrees today,
and that is hard to believe
because we were just in the 20's
and iced in.  No snow at my home,
but enough ice to close roads etc.
We are just not used to this kind of cold,
this far south.
But it didn't stay long.
When the sun came out the next day,
the ice starting dropping from the trees,
and I got tickled watching it from
inside the house. 
Every branch was covered with ice,
so it was quite a show
with all of it falling.

This little bird was trying to stay warm,
out in the sunshine, up against the brick
of the house.
My fox tail ferns survived the ice.

But these succulents did not survive.
These were blooming and the
butterflies were all over them last week.
Once the ice melted they were just mush.
I cut them back, so maybe the roots
survived and they will come back.

Stay warm everyone!

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I continue to write,
as it helps me to.....

Savor the Day!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love this necklace dear...softly lovely! Ice is my devil right now here in careful and feed the birds. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

The ice gives much inspiration as well as lovely scenes. Very nice mixed media piece!

Deborah said...

Your necklace is lovely! Thanks for the link to the video. I learned some things from it and am going to have fun trying this out!

Thespa McLaughlin said...

Great job on your necklace. I love how you used the rusted fabric for it. Great texture and colors. So glad you had fun with it!