Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little of This and That

This is my friend Marilyn.
She raises goats with her husband,
and they have 17 new spring babies,
plus three that were born yesterday.

This little one happens to be the tiniest one of the bunch.
She is not more than one hour old here.
Marilyn just got finished cleaning her up,
and letting her suckle on her mama.
Now Marilyn will take care of her,
and keep an eye on her
until she gets stronger and can be put back
with the others.

I get goats milk for my soap from Marilyn.
We meet at her house on Wednesday mornings
for a little 'stitch and rip' group also.

Remember this piece that I painted?
I didn't like the way I did the mountains.
Now, don't be shocked!

I took it to class,
and Dolores told me to cut the top off,
so I did!
Then I turned that piece
upside down.
So, now it looks like this!
The photo came out glary,
but it really looks great!

I love my new abstract piece!
It measures 16 by 20 inches.
What do you think?

Things I've learned in class
1. don't be afraid to crop your pieces
2. turn your piece upside down, it may surprise you
3. you can fix anything


This is what I use for my castor sugar.
It is from the 1930's I believe.
It is actually part of a S/P set,
but I don't use them for that anymore.
Some of you have ask me about castor sugar,
which is used in the
caraway tea bread recipe
in my previous post here..
Castor sugar is just superfine granulated sugar.
You can make your own
by putting regular sugar into a food processor
(it can scratch your food processor container)
or coffee mill and processing it until
it is fine...not as fine as powdered sugar.
Powdered sugar is processed differently,
it's pressed or something like that.
That's all there is to it.

Also, someone ask if my previous post was my last
Tea on Tuesday post
because of the way I phrased it.
I should have said
not "last" in that post.
Sorry about the confusion.
I LOVE Tea day!
I will be continuing for awhile.
So, if you don't know about
Tea on Tuesday go see


Barb said...

My husband raised goats in Texas...he loved them but they sure are something.

Love our picture.

Deborah said...

What a sweet little goat! i don't think I've seen one so small. Your abstract piece looks great and I love the idea of cropping and turning something upside down.

Whytefeather said...

My parents-in-law raise Boar goats in NC and Great Pyr's for guardian stock dogs. What a little cutey!

I liked your mountain painting... but I do love how it turned out with the crop-n-flip too. I'd frame it and hang it up immediately!