Thursday, April 7, 2011

Elizabeth Barton plus my musings

'Art and Quilts, cogitations thereon' 
is the name of the blog written by Elizabeth Barton.
She says in one of her posts....

"We need some repetition in our lives, rhythms like the rhythm of the seasons, the daily routines and rhythms of our lives…and we do need to be able to predict what will happen…But again, a little variety and syncopation keeps us interested and alert. “They” used to think that human beings required perfect balance – stasis – to function best, but now it’s realised that being a little off kilter is actually much better for you! Don’t always stand 4 square on 2 feet – try balancing on one leg for a while!"

Being a artist and instructor,
her posts touch on subjects
that are all very interesting.
To check it out
click on the link above and
just go to her archives in her sidebar
to find what interests you.

It has been a wonderful week.
Most of my most recent posts are ones
I wrote beforehand
and then scheduled to be published
on a certain day.
This makes it much easier,
and I don't spend as much time every day
on the computer.
Who wants to be inside
when the weather is so gorgeous,
and the birds are calling.

I have noticed that many out there
have stopped their blogs,
and some don't post very often.
Doing your posts ahead of time
really helps, in my opinion.
But it is most important to enjoy
and experience your everyday
however you can.


I spent 6 days with my sister Lanette,
and yes, she did laugh when she saw
her picture on my 'sing' inchie art.  LOL
I hardly ever got on the computer those 6 days.
Went to Corpus with my friend Karen,
and my sister,
and had such a fun time.
Ate lunch at the veggie Tango Tea Room
where they say
"It takes tea to tango."
Will get photos next time!
Learned about the first Friday art walk downtown,
and will be going next month.
I'm excited!

I finally got time to try out the
caraway tea bread recipe and
it turned out wonderful!

Here it is cooling on the counter...
I couldn't wait to try it!

It was great just by itself!
The castor sugar makes a big difference.
To try it,
go to my post...


I'm working on another watercolor
for my merit show in August.
I will show my progress tomorrow for
Paint Party Friday.
You can see lots of wonderful art
at Paint Party Friday.
If you are an artist,
why don't you join us.
Just click on the logo in my sidebar.
It's that time of year for...
art walks,
Botanical Garden events,
the Sand Fest,
Farmer's Markets!
All great fun!
Hope you visit again for photos of all!

Savor the Day!


Gloria said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Your bread looks delish. I bet it tastes delish as well. Have fun at the art walks. We are starting to get them here as well and that will be fun. Nice post, take care.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I so wish we were closer...I would love to tag along with your adventures. Peace, Mary Helen

Halle said...

The bread looks great!! Glad you had such a fun visit!