Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tea day ideas

Hello tea lovers!
Glad you dropped in for a cuppa!
For today's Tea on Tuesday
I'm having Organic Bangkok
by Harney and Sons
This is a delightful classic green tea
with coconut, lemongrass, ginger and vanilla.
Visit http://www.harney.com/ for more info on their fine teas.
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Tea day ideas....
...from me and also from the book
Steeped in Tea: Creative Ideas, Activities & Recipes for Tea Lovers

--learn about ikebana flower arranging and chanoyu tea ceremonies
--take a class in ceramics and make your own teapot
--attend contemporary teapot exhibits at art galleries
--scour flea markets and antique shops for your favorite tea related collectibles
--take an armchair tour of India, China, Kenya, Japan, or Sri-Lanka
--celebrate some occasion with a tea party
--eat lunch at a tea room
--try a new tea blend
--learn how to cook using tea
--custom design a tea basket and give it to someone who needs a smile
--learn how to tea dye
--make a tea dream pillow
--learn how to make Chinese marbled eggs with tea

Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth.
--Alexander Pushkin (circa 1830)

Savor the Day!


Anonymous said...

Oooo your tea this morning sounds so delicious. I have never heard of that kind but you can bet I am going to check it out! I like the 'make a tea dream pillow'. I don't know what that would be or look like but it would be fun to create and see what happens. Happy T on T.

Deborah said...

So many great ideas. I was lucky enough to have lunch at a tea house a couple of weeks ago. A wonderful experience.

Halle said...

All great ideas! Your tea sounds really yummy too. Have a wonderful day!

voodoo vixen said...

What a pretty cup of tea that looks and I love your list of things to do... I can imagine what my teapot would turn out like... so maybe give that one a miss but the tea dream pillow? Now I will have to go and Google that to see what it is... thank you for tea!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would LOVE to have lunch or even afternoon tea at a tea house. It would be so much fun. You (and your book) have lots of wonderful ideas to go with the organic Bangkok tea. It sounds delicious.

Jill said...

Chinese marbled eggs really sound interesting! Happy Tea day to you!

T's Daily Treasures said...

What an interesting book that sounds to be and great ideas. I've actually been to India and Sri Lanka and enjoyed much tea. I haven't tried tea dyeing anything yet but would like to do that. Japanese food is a favorite around here so much Japanese green tea is had when we go for sushi. For a friend's birthday, we went to a local hotel for high tea. :) Fun! Hope you are having a great day. Tammyf

Nancy said...

Your tea sounds wonderful! And thank you for all the ideas, I may have to try some of them :) have a great day!

Kimmie said...

your tea sounds delicious - coconut - yum!
we'll be having tea and scones on friday as we watch the royal wedding .... that's sort of on your list :)
love it!!!

ooglebloops said...

Love Harney & Sons teas!!!
Great list of things to-do!!!
Drop by for tea if you get a chance!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love this quote...simple pleasures for a life simply lived. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart