Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tea Tuesday Amazing Oddments

Happy Tea Tuesday!
I have a few odd things to share with you this morning.
First with my new favorite tea!
I recently read about
Gunpowder Tea.
I found some in the Middle eastern market.

Ahmad Tea (London)
makes what is called
The Vert (green tea) Gunpowder
or The Vert de Chine.
Fresh leaves of tea are plucked, steamed,
pan dried and tightly rolled into
"green pearls".
I put a few of the 'pearls' into my lidded
 tea strainer cup,
add hot water,
put the lid on and let the infusing magic begin.

The 'pearls' explode like gunpowder to create a clear,
amber drink that is very good,
and actually has the lowest caffeine content of all teas.
It is amazing!


Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!
Here is a sad amazing fact....
 53% of Americans
do not know the year of our independance
or who we gained our independance from.

I saw the strongest animal in the world last night!
Yes, believe it or not, it was a 'rhino' beetle,
horns and all!
Sorry I wasn't fast enough to get a photo for you to see him,
but this beetle was amazingly large,
probably 3-4 inches in length.
He was tapping on my window,
I went over to check out the noise....
saw him spread his wings,
then he flew away!
I just read that they can lift over 850 times their weight!



These little fungi type mushrooms were found in my yard
after we had a rain.
I always think of the gnomes or elfin folk
and the land of make believe
when I see things like this.
All kinds of stories creep into my head
about these amazing icons of fairyland.


Whether you try a new tea,
learn something new,
see something rare or odd,
just take in all those amazing and wonderful things

Savor the Day!


kimmie said...

I have a tea that was given to me called "dragon pearls." I wonder if that is the same sort of tea you describe .... I still haven't tried it! I think I will now ... Or at least look for actual gunpowder tea at my tea shop. I love an amber tea (over green) and how great that it is low caffeine :)

Thank you as always for the wildlife tour .... Your horned beetle would have had my girls screaming :)

Happy Tuesday! xoxo kimmie

Halle said...

That tea looks like it is pretty yummy. The way it comes in the pearls is very interesting.

The mushroom/fungi in the star shape is awesome! Yes...totally think of fairyland when I saw those.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm intrigued by the tea pearls. They sound fascinating. I suspect the lack of caffeine is appreciated by many who prefer that sort of thing.

Wow, that bug sounds gross. I have never heard of them, so I learned something new. As for knowing about the year and date of our independence, all people had to do was read my blog post yesterday (grin).

Hope you had a great tea day and enjoyed your exploding tea.

Suz said...

What a lovely post! I learned a lot. I just came from Kimmie's and now I know about the strongest animal and gunpowder tea, I had heard of it but did not know it had a little "bang" to it.

It is tragic how unknowledgeable our citizens have become. I worked as a special ed teacher and school psychologist for twenty-five years and watched our Minnesota system sink lower and lower...and we had long been known for the quality of our education. There are many places where we could point fingers but, most importantly, there are many places where we need to pull together, parents, teachers, students, and as a nation, to get out country back to where it once was academically.

So I will get off my soapbox now!!! I am new to tea and tea cups and would love a visit.


Nancy said...

Your tea sounds interesting :) but that beetle would have been a sight to see! Didn't know they came that big :)

La Dolce Vita said...

gunpowder tea, really interesting and so are the mushrooms... like flower petals!

Heather said...

Huh! you learn something new every day! Sounds pretty entertaining to watch and then drink!~ :)