Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wu-Yi tea and musings

Happy Tea on Tuesday!

This morning I am enjoying a cup
of zesty lemon tea made by
the Wu-Yi Tea Co. out of Austin, Tx.

I found the hand painted lidded cup
and the linens while thrifting
awhile back.
Wu-Yi tea is named after the Wu-Yi mountains in China. 
 This is said to be some of the most sought after tea in the world.
I love their blue leaf logo.

I always drink hot tea early in the morning.
Then I switch to iced tea. 
Most tea I drink is decaf or herbal teas.

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Well, tropical storm Don was a dud,
so we are still in a drought, big time.
The so called eye went right over
us here at Baffin Bay.
We were so hoping for some rain,
but not this time. 
We are still in hurricane season
until November 1st.

The Art Center for the Islands director told me yesterday
that the Barefoot show and sale was a success.
I took my Merit show items over
and picked up what I didn't sell at the Barefoot show,
which was only a few things.  Yippee!
Now the reception for my Merit Show
will be August 5th.
I'm so excited!
Soon I will be attending
another plein-air watercolor event,
out of town.
My instructor Dolores Price will be there
 and will be giving a demo.
The day includes a salad luncheon.
It should be lots of fun!
Future photos here!

Savor the Day!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful new addition to your tea collection, both the tea and the mug, as well as the linen.

Nice that your show and sale were a success. Hope to see the pieces for your Merit show. And it sounds like a very busy upcoming time for you. Let's hope both our weather and drought problems break soon.

La Dolce Vita said...

lemon tea is a fav of mine, especially when I have a scratchy throat, and I always drink hot tea in the am and late afternoon... no matter how hot it is!! happy t day, Yvonne!! xx

T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world.

I usually have two cups of coffee in the morning and hot tea later in the afternoon. My favorite at the moment is lemon, ginseng and ginger. Yummo!
I love that tea cup and the linens.

I had heard that "Don" would not dump any rain on Texas like everyone hoped. Sorry to hear that.

Congrats on your sales success! Have a terrific rest of the day. Tammy

Nathalie Thompson said...

Your panda mug is ADORABLE!

Congrats on selling a lot of art! That always feels good! (they like you, they really like you!)

Today was another hotter than HECK day here too. We've had some rain, but then the blistering heat returns and the rain is forgotten as quickly as it evaporates!