Friday, September 23, 2011

Art Perspective

 Every artist knows about perspective.

The "Art Definition" of Perspective

The meaning of perspective used in art
 involves creating an appearance of depth.
This emphasis on distance
stems from it being a difficult
and impressive effect to achieve,
especially upon paper that is completely flat.
We are attempting to convey a sense of reality
with space and depth
on something which has none.
As such, the typical "art definition" of perspective has become:

"the technique of representing a three-dimensional image
 on a two-dimensional surface."

I painted a quick watercolor piece representing basic perspective.
I'm still learning about it.

But the most important thing I believe about perspective is...
you don't have to have good perspective to have good art.
I believe composition is more important.
What do you think about perspective?
What is most important to you?

Savor the Day!


Joni Nickrent said...

Love the bold colors in your perspective piece! Agree that you don't have to have good perspective for an art piece to be great...sometimes it's the opposite that makes the painting perfect! POP ART MINIS

Christine said...

very creative piece on perspective, I like it!

Netty said...

Terrific colourful piece of work. Happy PPF, x

Kristin Dudish said...

Your vibrant colors are wonderful! And I totally agree that sometimes a warped or skewed perspective makes a painting even more interesting :)


Anonymous said...

I think perspective is important but without good composition for the bones you will fail,,, but you nailed both with this,, wow those colors really pop,

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Awesome and creative perspective painting ~ Thing composition is more important ~ depends on style of painting ~ Love your style ~thanks, namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF

Annabelle said...

I would say composition is important , that is to me and then perspective but I do try to make things three dimensional, maybe I have forgotten to do that lately. Thanks for the lesson, appreciate all the information and I like your watercolor piece on Basic Perspective.

Ayala Art said...

Well, if you are going to paint photo realism, then you need a very realistic perspective. But if you paint any other style, you determine your own perspective and forget the rules! :oD To me the most important part is the color and the general feeling of the piece.

Robin Panzer Art said...

Love the vibrant colors you've chosen! Happy Paint Party Friday!

Mary C. Nasser said...

I like your piece!

My paintings don't necessarily have perspective, but they do have layers and space.
I think it's entirely up to the artist whether they want to depict the illusion of 3 dimensions or not on their 2 dimensional surface.
An interesting thing to think about. :)

La Abela said...

I like working with prospects, but it is very difficult, and many artists only apply color and forget to write a plastic set has a place in space. Saludos

Geckostone said...

Wow I've always chickened out on perspective and make most of my art flat,lol! This is beautiful, it inspires me to start playing with perspective too! Great job! Deb

Becca said...

That's so pretty, love the colors and thanks for the tips on perspective. I am still learning! I just signed in to follow, love your work. Happy PPF!

Hybrid J said...

You're so brave to tackle "perspective". Bravo! I won't be going there soon ... hahaha!

Love the color palette as well.

Gloria said...

Love your work. Great colors. I really don't know. I never think of these things when I paint, tee hee. Or maybe I do. I'm dense when it comes to things like this. :)) But I agree with Martha, she's an excellent painter. :) Have a great week.