Friday, December 23, 2011

The Creative Personality

creative (syn)
 imaginative, ingenious,
original, resourceful, clever,
inventive, innovative, mystical
This was taken from Webster's Thesaurus.

 You may want to read this article called
by David Lyman

 After you read the article
 let me know which one describes you the most.
I think the one that says,
"Creative people don't mind being lost"
fits me the best.  LOL

It's wonderful to have creative friends isn't it.
This past week I have received 2 creative gifts
from friends.

My friend Lana sent this wonderful notebook to me....
red, black, white fabric/ribbon it!
The word FRIEND,
and the word timeless
and its definition on front as well.
Vintage button and lace.
The feather is a very nice touch,
since I love feathers.
The heart is poly clay.

 That's fabric on the inside covers...
with words such as authentic,
simple, pure, timeless, and real...
along with the definition for each.

I love it, thanks Lana!
I may put my collection of quotes in it.
From the article, I always see Lana
(who is an amazing fiber artist and poet) in this....
"Creative people see things, where others do not."
You can see her work here...

My friend Karen gave me one of her bottle creations.
This is her best yet!
Karen saw that I have some Day of the Dead art
in my home, so she created a little art doll
for this Dio de los Muertos creation.
What is so cool about it is that she made the doll from poly clay
and used wire for the little legs,
and put it inside the bottle!  Too cool!
 Then she adds different things like old jewelry (for some bling of course),
vintage buttons etc.
The bottle is covered with black lace,
(leaving a window to see in of course),
then in the top is animal print sheer fabric
with a vintage cross jewelry pendant
on top of that.

I love it Karen, thank you!
From the article, I see Karen in this....
"Creative people are not content with the obvious."
Karen is so full of creativity that
her whole house is filled with her own unique,
beautiful, repurposed furniture and decor.
She is very special and always makes people smile!

I am so happy both of these creative women are in my life.

Savor the Day!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love this book and your journal cover is magic. Merry Christmas dear Texas friend...did you get some of our rain yet? I keep hearing how fry it is there. Merry Merry Merry Christmas. Peace, Mary Helen

T's Daily Treasures said...

Creative people are independent. My mom says I started walking early and from that point on, I was independent. Some might say stubborn too. :) Hope you are having a lovely day. Tammy