Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trite???? musings

I have heard people use the word 'trite' a lot lately.
I happened to make a comment
and someone told me that it was
"trite but true".
Then just two days later,
I overheard someone tell
someone else that very same thing.

Is 'trite' the new word of the year or something?
Above is the dictionary meaning of trite.
It basically means DULL.
Jane Dunnewold, the famous fiber artist,
has a wonderful article regarding the word 'trite'.
Click here to read her interesting article.

In my opinion,
Jane Dunnewold is anything but 'trite'.
Her book is...
Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design for Fabric

To keep from feeling 'trite' I write down goals
and constantly try to learn or do something new.
Go here to read my New Years goals.

Usually my goals are centered around creativity
and/or learning
and most of my goals are simple things.

Big goals are reached
by accomplishing a combination
of smaller goals.

This year on my recent birthday,
 I thought about this...
I will do 58 new things during my 58th year.

My life is simple,
has some routine,
but that doesn't mean it's 'trite'.
I guess the meaning of that word
is all in the viewpoint of the person.

Savor the Day!