Friday, January 6, 2012

Lists, Petite Lefant, and flowers

 I have always been a person who makes lists....
lists for groceries,
lists of creative things to do,
lists for books I still want to read,
lists for DIY home projects,
lists of which flowers I want to have in my yard eventually, etc.
and the BIG one, the LIFE LIST.
My father was a list maker, so I guess that's where I get it from.
Below is one flower I would love to grow in my yard,
so it will go on my list.
I found a blog post that talks of a "life list"
and wanted to share.
She has some unexpected things on her list.
It's a bit different than a bucket list she says.
Here is what she says about making a life list...
"Do you have a Life List?
I’m not kidding,
 this one took me five days to come up with.
I didn’t take it lightly,
 I really pondered things I want to get accomplished
in this life of mine.
There’s really something to writing something down,
committing it to memory
and promising yourself you’ll get it done.
 100 things really affords you
the indulgence of dreaming big."

So think about it! 
In the meantime I wanted to brighten up your winter day
with some of my flower photos.

Hope your days are cheery.

Savor the day!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Beautiful flowers...but this is so strange in Ohio ...we have had two January days filled with sunshine and blue skies and today the temperature went up to 64! The golfers were out celebrating on soggy greens. Have a wonderful weekend! peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Deborah said...

Interesting idea. Still not sure I understand how it differs fro a bucket list.

Barbara said...

Ahhh...warmness of flowers, thanks!
Still investigating those orbs. ;)

Healing Woman said...

I'm a list maker too. I just had to see the one on the link you sent and was so pleased to be able to check off actual things that I have accomplished on her list!

Your flowers are amazing and a real treat to view today from Virginia, where it is warm but just a tease of summer and makes me want more.

Lorraine said...

well its cold and rainy here all the time and we havent really got any flowers yet so its lovely to look at your flower photos..roll on spring

Loft Ladders said...

Life List
Bucket List
New year resalutions.

It's all the same cookies. Just different shaped jars.