Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Odd Tea Day

Happy tea day!

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As you may know,
my blog has many enchantments,
fragments, and oddments.
Today's tea fits right in.

Odd can be a good thing,
don't you think.
This is a certified organic by OCIA iced tea called
 Sweet Leaf,
 out of,
wouldn't you know it,
Austin, Texas. :)
 The flavor I bought is
mint and honey.
It's very delicious and refreshing.

On the front of the label it says,
'premium green tea leaves
 infused with spearmint and real honey'

But what is odd, but fun, is what it says on the back...

"We found this great flavor while traveling through Morocco on bicycles. 
Our folks weren't very excited about the semester of class we missed,
 but at least we came home with the most delicious tea recipe ever...
and a couple of kilim rugs for our college apartment.
When we first started,
we brewed our tea in pillowcases
and filled each bottle by hand. 
We've grown since then,
but we're still inspired by Clayton's granny, "Mimi,"
who taught us never to use ingredients we can't pronounce. 
We hope you have as much fun drinking our tea
 as we have making it."
Enjoy, Clayton and David

 Pillowcases?  Odd but I guess it worked.
Too funny!

THEN under the bottle cap is
Grannyism #44

I love that!

Do you read your tea boxes, bottles, tags, under caps, etc.
like I do?
It's one way to slow down and...

Savor the Day!

P.S. BTW...Another 'oddment' in this post is the clay art doll in the photo above.
I did not make this one, and I'm sorry
I can't remember the local artist name who did make it.
This little piece is odd but cool.
I get inspired when I see her,
and I guess oddments like these help me to.....

Savor the Day!


ooglebloops said...

Love stories on tea boxes and under caps. Love your watercolor in previous post also!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fun post. Not odd at all, just lots of fun, inspiration, and information. I agree about the pillow cases. Who knew?

As a rule, I don't buy jars of products, and very few boxes. In fact, the last time I bought a box, it was saltine crackers, my only weakness. Most everything I make has no labels because it is all mostly fresh. I love your sense of adventure, though, because I have seen a few lids similar to that before, too. Happy Tea Tuesday. Glad to see you made it early this week!

Barbara said...

Love the word "oddment", did you make that up? Think the word itself is an oddment! LOL

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This tea sounds so wonderful...and I love the message under the bottle cap. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Charade said...

Here's to odd! I had to marry into it to learn just how fun it can be. I'd give anything to be a little odder myself. I love how you savor each and every day and the little things in them.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I've heard of folks drying herbs and such in a bag in their dryer so why not tea in a pillowcase. :) Sounds like a yummy and refreshing tea. Best wishes to you, Tammy