Saturday, February 4, 2012

Birds Nests

It's always interesting to find
empty and abandoned birds nests.
Just be sure they ARE
empty and abandoned,
before you decide to keep them.

Recently I have found three.
I always wonder how
those little birds create
such a work of art.

This one was in my yard,
and broke apart almost completely
when I found it.
It has lots of grasses, dryer lint,
 feathers, fur etc.

This one came from the winery I recently toured.
They clean them out of the vineyards
when they are pruning the vines.
The base is made from 1/8 to 1/4 inch
'Y' shaped twigs, interlocked with each other.
Then the inner nest, which is wedged into the top
of the outer part,
has pieces of cotton rope,
mostly dried grasses, and dryer lint.
 There are websites on bird nest identification.
This is just one of many.
I recently found a blog that has a great idea
on what to do with found birds nests.
Go check it out sometime.

You have to be careful handling birds nests,
even when they are empty like these are.
Sometimes they will have mites in them.

When you find anything in nature,
 just be sure to use
common sense.

Savor the day!


Charade said...

What precious nests. And oh my, oh my, now I'm obsessed with finding just the right glass jar to try the project from Hope Studios link with my own nests.

Yvonne, you are such an open heart, and it's a joy to learn from the things you share.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Where the hell do birds get dryer lint? Do they raid laundromats at night when they're closed? Do they sneak into your house and clean out the lint trap?

Barbara/myth maker said...

Amazing little structures they build!

Barbara said...

I never thought of my dryer lint that ends up on the ground below my vent being used by the birds to keep them comfy and warm. A great thought!

Clare Wassermann said...

in the spring I put all my thread ends out and the birds love to fly off with them. they also love our rabbits moulted fur which comes out in his brush. I must remember put the tumble drier lint out too this year!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

My family thinks i am crazy to love and collect birds nests. They are so sweet...little miracles. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

kimmie said...

I would so LOVE to find something like that! the only nests that I have happened upon up here in the Northwest are wasp nests - but those are pretty cool too. I love the apothecary jar idea. I recently bought some glass domes at Goodwill - like what you would use for a cheese plate, That would work well too I think. About the mites - perhaps baking the nest in the oven for a few minutes? I know you can do that for pinecones - which often come home with tiny little beetles and spiders in them. It's a sad thought though ....