Monday, May 14, 2012

So you want to be a Potter? watercolor and poem

Here is a quick little watercolor.
5" by 8"

I was inspired to paint this when I read this poem by
Alice Beer.

 So You Want to be a Potter?

Here are some rules:
nose above the centre of the wheel
to find the centre of your pot.
The wholeness of your pot
depends on being centred.

Shape your pot from the inside.
It’s not what people see
but it’s what matters.
Once you have got it right inside
the rest sees to itself. Well, more or less.

Balance your hands, make them a team,
one inside, one outside your pot.
While one hand pushes up,
the other gives support,
one as important as the other.
And keep a steady pace,
although your speed must vary.
There should be nothing sudden
to upset the growth.
I wish you joy!
                                        ---Alice Beer

I think she's talking about more than pots don't you.

You may want to read Alice Beer poems,
as her words take on a special meaning in each one.
She did not start writing until she was in her later years.

Another poem about growing old has these words...
"The ruts get deeper,
 the woods more dense,
 the bright star
 before us brighter."

Alice shows us that
 aging is not a closing down,
 but an opening up
 of visions and opportunities.

Savor the Day!


Healing Woman said...

What a beautiful and inspiring post! I love the words about being a potter. There was a wonderful book out way back in the 70's called "Centering." I highly recommend it if you can find a copy. It also compared one's life to creating pottery.

Love your watercolor to go with the poem and post.

Kris said...

What a great poem. And a lovely watercolor too! Excellent post all together :)

Lorraine said...

great paintings and I like the ink pourings

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great poems! I have not heard of Alice Beer before, but I am going to check her out! Thanks!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I needed to hear this poem today! happy Mother's day a bit late! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart