Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Being in any life transition is hard.
Selling a house, moving, new job...whatever.
All can be hard and can try one's patience.
Patience is something I've been cultivating for a long time and
I believe I have progressed over the years.
All in all,
I'm a pretty 'laid back' person.
Of course, I still have my moments of impatience.

what is it exactly?
The dictionary says....
"The capacity to accept or at least tolerate
things like
delay, trouble, or suffering...
without getting angry
or upset."

That means not to hold anger in
and pretend you aren't upset...
it means to really not be upset.
Patience is actually good for your health.

Do you remember these sayings???
"Patience is a virtue"
"Don't sweat the small stuff...
and it's all small stuff!"
the old Dutch proverb,
"A handful of patience is worth more than
a bushel of brains."
my favorite one by Emerson,
"Adopt the pace of Nature:
Her secret is patience."

Whenever I had to wait in line,
or got stuck in traffic etc.
my dad would always tell me
that it was teaching me patience.

Susan Bird-Harris wrote a good article
on learning patience....!&id=509437

What do YOU do to practice patience?

Remember that patience will help you...
Savor the Day!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

When I am beginning to feel the pressure...I hand quilt. Mindless at time but meditative at the same moment. Time melts and the process is slow but it helps me to enjoy the moment! Breathe! Peace, Mary Helen

Tammy said...

I'm much more laid back now than I have ever been -- although, the crazy drivers in this country still try my patience on a daily basis. If I don't beep my horn on a drive, then it's a good day! :) Hope you are having a great week. Tammy