Monday, April 1, 2013

A Woodpecker Story

My backyard is full of all kinds of birds,
and one of those is
the amazing woodpecker.
This is the Golden-fronted Woodpecker.
She is about 10 inches long,
and is sitting here in one of our mesquite trees.
The male has a small red cap,
but I didn't see the male today.

I really love Native American lore,
and bird lore is one of my favorites.

One Native American story of old
about the woodpecker
 goes like this....

Once, many moons ago, 
there was a woodpecker
who taught a very shy young man
how to make a flute.
This young man wanted to ask for the hand of
 a beautiful young woman in his village.
He was so shy
he just didn't know how to ask her to marry him.
One day,
while walking in the forest,
he heard a most lovely sound coming from a small tree branch.
A woodpecker had pecked holes into this branch.
When the wind blew gently through the holes,
  a beautiful and magical flute-like sound was created.
The young man decided that he would
take this branch back to the village.
He knew that if he serenaded the young woman he loved so much
with this lovely and delightful flute music,
she would fall in love with him.
she did.

Savor the Day!


Betty said...

Thanks for the story about them. She's a pretty looking bird and now I know that I have one in my yard sometimes too.

Barbara said...

Cute story! Makes me love the woodpecker in spite of having to take trees down that they hollowed out. Either that or risk a tree falling on our house. Still love them though! :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a lovely story to go along with such a pretty bird. We have a pair of little woodpeckers that have been coming to our suet all winter - feisty little birds.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Happy Easter....and what a beautiful story. My little ones love my Mona Lisa with bubble gum...I tied her to my work apron! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Lorraine said...

My son's liked this story happy easter

Halle said...

Love the story. Thanks for sharing.