Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This and that...what I'm reading and oobleck science

This and That

What I'm reading.....

The Last American Man
by Elizabeth Gilbert
author of Eat, Pray, Love
(one of my favorite books)
This book is a true story
of an original man
named Eustace Conway.
He has lived for thirty years,
and still lives today, in the Appalachian Mtns.
 He is an educated true nature lover,
yet a man with faults.
Gilberts portrait of him is very well written.
to find out more.

Did you ever make OOBLECK?

We used to make it when I was a kid all the time.
I was always amazed at how it worked.
I loved science of any kind.

You might want to try it too!
Kids love it!

Here is the recipe....
Mix one part water to 2 parts cornstarch
It's as easy as that.

You might be asking...
well what is oobleck in the first place
and why is it so amazing.

Oobleck is a type of non-Newtonian fluid called a dilatant.

If you slowly lower your hand into oobleck,
 it will sink,
but it is difficult to quickly remove your hand
 (without taking all the oobleck and its container with you).

If you squeeze or punch the oobleck,
the starch particles will not move out of the way quickly,
 so the oobleck will feel solid.

We used to roll it into a ball in our hands,
then stop rolling and it turns back into a liquid.
You can roll it into a rope and quickly break it,
then suddenly it turns into a liquid again.
Pretty neat.
You can actually run across a pool of oobleck,
then when you stop running you will sink into it.

Well, I'm on my way to Cuero,
the wildflower capital of Texas.
I hope the drought has not been too bad up there.

Savor the Day!



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have never heard of oobleck before but I know cornstarch is a good thickener for stews and sauces, LOL!

Kris said...

I didn't know it was called oobleck!
We've enjoyed hours of fun with that stuff and expect more fun to come :)
So much more fun to say than let's play with cornstarch and water.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You continue to amaze me...I have learned something new from you and will have to mix up a batch of oobleck myself. Today is a better day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Kim Andersen said...

Your book sounds interesting - I'm curious to know what his faults are - it sounds like a noble undertaking he's involved in

I'm currently reading a mindless murder mystery - but it serves the purpose of helping me fall asleep

Oobleck would have been perfect for the science fair - maybe next year - every year the kids rack their brains for science fair projects - this sounds like a fun one :)