Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Awake your soul ...

Wow...What a variety of things to talk about....
( the little things in life are exciting too!! )
I have not posted in awhile,
due to unexpected migraines off and on
(a nine day storm),
but I think I'm gonna live,  :) SOOO.....

 Hope all of you are enjoying the first days of June.

This is the month of the Super Moon!
(largest for year 2013)
Because the full moon, coming up on June 23rd,
 coincides with perigee
(when the moon is closest to the Earth),
the moon will appear much larger and brighter.
So, think about getting  your cameras ready
in a spot where you can see the moon rise above the horizon,
for it's best show.

My DH has been busy,
(as he always seems to be).
This weekend he built a new bed frame
and headboard for the guest room.
We used some plywood we had left over,
and then bought a few more boards
to build this simple design that I designed.
We always try to use what we have....
so I design around those materials.
Here it is drying in the shop.

He stained the wood using an oak stain,
then before putting on the clear coat of poly,
I painted a tree branch and added some words on the headboard.
(Got the word idea from Pinterest)

Here is a close up.
(You can barely see the rope trim on the edge.)
Nothing fancy, but I like it.
It will go in the bedroom this evening after it's good and dry.
I think my guests will enjoy it.
Oh yes, cost was less than 50 dollars.

Many of you may know by now
that I like to name things.
I love words!
Naming a pet is difficult at times,
especially when that pet is a caterpillar
Yes, a caterpillar.
A few weeks back
I decided to capture (boy it was hard too)
a caterpillar and watch it go through
its magical stages.
Lily, my pet caterpillar you see below,
(still an orange caterpillar with black spiky things)
got her name from Kimmie

 I liked all the name suggestions,
but especially the name Lily, because as Kimmie said,
this will be a Gulf Fritillary butterfly,
and the fritillaria flower is in the family liliaceae.
Thanks Kimmie!

Lily is now in the crysalis stage.
Lily decided to attach herself to the jar lid,
(I guess she had her reasons).
In this photo, taken about a week ago,
 Lily is still forming the crysalis.
( I didn't want to bother her TOO much.)
She worked most of the day.

 Here is the finished hard crysalis.
Looks kind of like a dead leaf hanging there.
Now the magic happens.
 From what I understand,
it will take a couple of weeks
before Lily emerges as a butterfly.

It is pretty amazing when you think about it!
You don't have to do big things, go to exotic places,
or spend a lot of money
in order to....
Savor the Day!...
or to Awake your soul!


Caterina Giglio said...

so fascinating! cannot wait to see the results ... Lily is a perfect name, it means a new beginning..

Kris said...

Great head board!
LOVE Lily :D
The magic is churning....and I'm looking forward to the results.


I am so sorry that you have been plagued by migraines. They are awful. I hope you are over them and they don't come back!

Thanks for the head's up about the super moon. I have already marked my calendar :D

I am sure that your guests will have wonderful dreams in that bed and have a wonderful visit.

Happy creating,

Barbara/myth maker said...

Hope the migraines stay away. Love the headboard, and Lily, too!

Barbara said...

Love it all, Yvonne, and simple, not fancy, is always beautiful! Lily was my mother in law's name, your Lily is full of wonder! Please feel better.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am so sorry about your migraines...I have suffered from them for years. The new bed is spectacular!! Be at peace and get some rest. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Halle said...

Thanks for the tidbit about the moon...I didn't know that! The headboard is gorgeous.

Kim Andersen said...

I'm glad your headaches are subsiding - that can really be crippling - but you seem to be an overcomes of things that stand in your way :)

The headboard is beautiful!