Friday, September 6, 2013

The most tangible of all visible mysteries...FIRE --poet Leigh Hunt

The Lost Pines in central Texas, near Bastrop, were actually 'lost'
two years ago.  There was a fire that was the worst in Texas history
that burned many homes and old growth pine forests.  This is one that survived.
Much of the fire area was high intensity, so most trees did not survive.  The root balls of many trees would catch fire weeks after the fire was put out.  Now that is HOT!

New little pines are growing and in a few generations
there will be wonderful recovery of nature.
Yes, fires can be good if controlled burns are done,
but fires seem to be more common these days,
and get huge and out of control.

(below picture) Beauty among the ashes...
It's amazing what beauty (the American beautyberry bush)
 is coming up
all around the burnt and fallen trees.

Poem by Colleen Reed called
Started by the smallest spark
On the driest day
Kindled by the wind
The starting of a flame

Consuming the tree bark
Burning viciously they say
Spreading by the wind
Only looking to maim

The land eventually goes dark
The fire burned where it may
Pushed away by the wind
The land now tamed

Life grows back under the scars and marks
Dark giving way to the day
Dies does the wind
It is not always a shame.

Is our lives not the same?
Moods changing like the winds
What all the people say
Our lives ar not always dark

We can learn from what is broken
And grow again.

Savor the Day!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

That's a wonderful poem Yvonne - sad, and yet full of hope.

Barbara said...

Simply lovely, Yvonne, thank you!

Caterina Giglio said...

yes, so sad that no money is spent on managing the forests anymore... just letting nature take over... Colorado got hit very hard the last few years... lovely poem and photos...

Kim Andersen said...

Beautiful poem .... And how wonderful to see new things growing after such devastation. From living in California, I learned that many plants need fire for health. Some seeds even need fire for germination. But I imagine the super hot once in a lifetime fires are too much and rebirth is a struggle. The metaphors are unavoidable aren't they? We have so much to earn from nature.

Kim Andersen said...

Learn not earn. But perhaps earn works too.