Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Prayer Labyrinth

Today was Labyrinth Day at the Church! We had a group of kids come down from Austin and some from Kingsville, who volunteered their time (and a few adults too) to come help build a labyrinth. They are also helping build an awning at our clinic. Awesome isn't it!!!
Last fall I had an idea to build a labyrinth as part of our centennial celebration which starts in 2010. We got the rock donated, the rock was hauled by Gene Hickey, Mike McConnell has put in time helping a lot and then we got the labor from the kids and their parents. We also have had members step up and donate food to feed the kids and donate bottled water and more. It's just been great!  We don't have many members in our church, only about 8 active members, so it was truly a blessing when these people came to help us.

This first photo is of me and my friend Michael. 
First we had to figure out which design we wanted to create.
We layed out the design of the labyrinth with a stick and rope,
making it quite easy.

Then the rock was delivered and the work began.

They dug a shallow ditch to put the limestone rocks in so they would be stable. The paths are 2 ft. wide and it measures 36 ft. in diameter. It is on church grounds partly under shade trees and we will have a picnic table and 2 benches around it for people to enjoy too.

This is Pastor Cindy Layton, the first to walk our labyrinth. We hope there will be many more to walk it. We are planning a dedication later on when we get a sign to tell people all about it and how to use it as a prayer tool.



Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a wonderful thing you've done...those kids will remember this always.

Threads of Inspiration said...

Yvonne, what a lovely labyrinth. I have always wanted to walk one, but never have. In the fall I believe there are many made in cornfields, however I think they are filled with kids and not a spiritual experience, which I would prefer. I'll be on the lookout for one though.

Amy Q said...

That's awesome. Can't wait to walk it. :-)