Friday, April 2, 2010

Flowers = Healing Art

--fuchsias on my patio--
there are so many different kinds,
and they have been around for millions of years.

We each have our favorite.

There is a language of flowers,
where each flower has a different meaning.

There are many famous flower artists,
such as
Manet, Monet, Van Gogh, and O'Keefe.

Flowers can actually be
a healing art.
The impressionistic style like Monet
is a good example.
Due to the way the colors are laid out,
it is a scientific fact that
this kind of art is healing for us.
Of course the real thing is too.
It has to do with how the eyes move
when we see flower colors,
and how the nerves react in the brain.
 Flower art takes us to the outdoors,
with the fresh air and sunshine.
Being outdoors is wonderfully healing.
That's why walks,
even sitting outdoors
are all good for us.
We are comforted and healed
 at a very deep level
 by the movement of leaves
as the wind rustles through the trees
 or the flickering of sunlight on a pond.
This shimmering effect
 is replicated in the impressionistic style,
especially of flowers. 
The result is calming,
and inherently a form of healing art.

Here are some  photos I have taken,
not just in my yard,
but also on my outdoor walks around town
 and places I have visited.

I love flowers of all kinds.........
from the large and beautiful....

to the tiny...

to the unusual...

from big blue flowers.....

to little yellow flowers....

or to frilly pink flowers.

Savor the Day!


Bea said...

I can't imagine living in a world without flowers. Even in the dead of winter my table has a vase of hot house flowers. The energy is healing. Although, I have to say in winter I also enjoy my beautiful silk flowers because of their gorgeous colors. :)Bea

Leone said...

Beautiful photographs. I love flowers too.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. You have a very joyful blog and I am looking for joyful these days.

Kris Henderson said...

What a lovely post Yvonne. The photos are gorgeous.

Amy Brecount White said...

Hi, Yvonne. You might be interested in checking out my debut Young Adult novel, FORGET-HER-NOTS (Greenwillo/HarperCollins). It features the language of flowers come magically to life!

Happy spring!

-Amy (Brecount White)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What a healing post for my journey back to health... I have been blessed. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Heather said...

Aren't these just so lovely? I adore flowers :) Now that I have my own yard and garden, I love them even more! I love the look of heirloom roses, the first daffodils....leggy poppies. They're all gorgeous!~

Thanks for your visit the other day :)