Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Small Stone and Musings

Oobos in my garden

My small stone for today...

Fog rolls serenely in,
and the misty lunar light
becomes radiant
while the quietude and stillness
seem to unearth my soul.



This stone project
is helping me to meet
one of my New Years goals.
I wanted to use all of my senses more,
and that is exactly what is needed
 in order to really pay proper attention
to single moments.
One other thing I'm doing is actually
hand writing my thoughts on paper.
These days of computers and email etc.,
I rarely do any handwriting.
My best friend Lana and I decided we would
write letters to each other
awhile back,
and we did for a time,
but then.....
back to email.  :)
I kind of miss
handwritten letters.

Another goal of mine
was to set up an aquarium.
I did....
and I bought five Tiger Barbs.
I guess I did something wrong
Jonah, Calypso, Bubbles and Charlie
all died. :(
The only one left this morning is Jaws.
And I don't have to tell you why he is called Jaws!

I will start over,
and see what happens.
Wish me luck!

Savor the Day!


Crafty Green Poet said...

I agree, the river of stones project is a great way to focus on paying more attention! Good luck with your acquarium!

La Dolce Vita said...

nice small stone for today and all your goals are marvelous... I miss letters too...

Deborah said...

I'm really enjoying the small stone project. Good luck with the aquarium!

Anonymous said...

What a nice post, except for the loss of your Tiger Barbs. Lovely stone words. I also miss hand-written letters, but I don't miss actually writing them. Hand arthritis has rendered my penmanship really sloppy. I once had an aquarium with some Tiger Barbs. They are lovely fish -- go get some more and good luck!

Heather said...

happy new year to you! hope 2011 is a good one!~ Sorry to hear about your fish...I guess that's what happens when you live with jaws? ;)

Barb said...

My Granddaughter got a Betta Fish from Santa and called last weekend sobbing - it had died. She had named it Zachary Cohen (quite a name for a Christmas fish, I thought). After a proper amount of mourning (2 days) she now has Zachary Cohen II.

Gail V said...

I miss letters, too! Sorry about your fishies. I love all their names. Hoping the next batch does better.