Friday, January 14, 2011

My Peace Pole and a small stone

I wish Peace for all of you today.
Thanks for coming to read another stone
in the River of Stones project.
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Let me tell you about my peace pole...

My Peace pole stands
in the center of my garden, and
 has words of peace on each side. 
One side you see above. 
The other three sides have
Native American tribal words of peace.
Hozhqqji is Navajo for
"blessing way",
Ikachi techqua is Hopi for
"blending with the land and celebating life",
Mitakuye oyasin is Sioux for
"with all things we are related",
and Onen is Iroquois for
"peace be with you".
I burned all the words into the pole
with a small wood burning tool
that belonged to my mother.

Stone cairns...
are about the most ancient kind of landmarks.
Each stone has been placed
 at the bottom of my peace pole 
by visitors to my home.
Each stone represents that persons prayer.


My small stone for today...

Like some leafy creature,
exotic and large,
the philodendron's arms
safeguard a small
and timid creature
underneath its 
green and
somber veil.

Savor the Day!


Man Price said...

I enjoyed you peace pole, and you small stone.

Mlissabeth said...

Your "Peace" pole is wonderful! I especially like the Iroquois word. It appears easy to say, and the Iroqois many years ago inhabited the land where I live. Stone Cairns are a nice tradition, too.

Your small stone leaves a lovely image. My small stone today is about my cat, Oreo. You can see it here:


Barbara/myth maker said...

Beautiful Peace Pole. Lovely inscriptions. I'm enjoying your stones.

Barb said...

Your cairn and Peace pole must lift your heart when you look upon them.

Kimmie said...

Beautiful and inspiring ... I love that your mother had a hand in this too :)

Yvonne said...

Thanks everyone. The peace pole is the beginnings of remaking my back yard into my sanctuary. I have lots of plans for this year.