Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Lost Art

Today my rose bloomed out even further
and became even more beautiful.
It doesn't take much to thrill me I guess.

Under the full perigee moon last night this rose was beautiful.

Using rose petals is almost a lost art,
 not only putting them in your own homemade potpourri
 but things like
making beads from rose petals,
brewing rose tea, making  rose jelly, etc.

Here is a great site with all kinds of great ideas
on what you can do with your roses.

Going back to the perigee moon....
did you see it last night?
It looked larger, in deed.
It was gorgeous!

Here is a good website on moon info.

Roses, moon phases...
....all these things and more intrigue me.

It is all about joy.

Do you take time out to enjoy the little things?
I believe that
is almost a lost art in itself,
like using rose petals.

Joy is different than happiness.

Try to make a point to slow down....
smell a flower or two,
look at the full moon every month,
and take a few moments to
increase the joy in your life.

Savor the Day!


Whytefeather said...

Your rose is gorgeous, I can just imagine how wonderful it looked in the moonlight last night!
That Moon was spectacular, wasn't it?! There is always something special to be out in the night under a full moon sky gazing.

Halle said...

Your rose is so beautiful!

Healing Woman said...

Yes..we must slow down if possible. I just read your New Year's Goals and love the idea of getting songbirds for your Mexican birdcage. I forgot how much I love little singing birds. Maybe I'll get one too.

Bea said...

Beautiful rose! I can't wait until mine start blooming about three months from now. Couldn't see the moon, :( we had rain all day and fog last night and the skies are still gray. BUT, it's nice to hear about it. Still have patches of snow around but it's slowly melting and honestly, hearing the bird songs lifts my heart and reminds me that warm weather will be here soon. :)Bea

Barbara said...

The moon has always intrigued me too. Always thought it's because I'm a July "Moon child" but many who are not love the moon too. I am going to check out the things I can do with roses. Rose beads intrigue me!