Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring wildlife and Garlions!

It has been a hot, dry spring so far.
Everything is green at the moment,
and things are blooming like crazy.
Butterflies have a feast on this plant above.
I'm not sure what this is...anyone know?
The hummingibirds and butterflies love my lantana,
even though I couldn't catch any of them for a photo.
Harvesting things from my garden
 and one new thing I planted is
a cross between onions and garlic.
Thanks Karen, for giving me a bunch to plant!
I will have to add this to my "new" things done this year list.

I have all the things needed for a wildlife habitat,
right here in my backyard, so I think I will apply
to be official.
Wherever I have lived, I have been certified
as a Backyard Habitat,
by the state of Texas.
Anyone can apply to see if you qualify.
You need food, shelter, water etc.
for the different kinds of wildlife
that may come visit you.
Maybe your state has something similar.
You get a plaque for your yard,
and a certificate.

Protecting wildlife is very important.
Right now there is an exhibit
at our local museum,
that has about 250 photos
of Coastal Bend Wildlife.

They are all amazing!

Photos of all kinds, taken in this area.

They also have a book for sale every time they have this contest.
It is held every other year.
I had so many favorites!
They had everything from alligators, snakes,
cattle, horses, insects, birds...
every category you can think of.
I really enjoyed seeing the exhibit.
Support your local museums,
and wildlife events.

Savor the day!


Halle said...

Garlions...they sound fantastic!! I'll have to keep my eye out for those. Beautiful flowers as well. I'm anxiously awaiting some color in my yard...

La Dolce Vita said...

you are so far ahead of us!! garlions!! I have heard of everything now!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love those lantana flowers ...I have never seen them before and I am sure my butterflies would love them. Happy Easter to you and yours. Peace, Mary Helen