Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moon Tea and fiber arts

Happy tea day!

In celebration of September's full harvest moon
I wanted to share with you a simple how-to
of making moon tea.
You have all heard of 'sun tea',
well there is 'moon tea' as well.

It is said that,
"Just as the sun represents the masculine,
  the full moon will bring
 a feminine (lunar) quality to your tea
 that will help awaken your creativity
 and extract a different healing energy of the herbs."

Directions for making Moon Tea...
Place fresh or dried herbs of your choice
 and water in a jar or glass bowl
and cover with a screen to keep bugs out.
Put it out with the full moon
and leave it while you rest.
Drink upon waking in the morning.

Have a happy tea day everyone
and if you want to read more tea post
visit Kimmie at

The Fiber Art Society met recently
so today while I am having my moon tea with you,
I thought we could look at photos
of our show and tell.

Meet Laura!
She is a very talented fiber artist,
who dyes fabrics of all kinds.
She does some beautiful felting projects,
and I wanted you to see the hand dyed and felted purse she made.
It is gorgeous!
Wonderful job Laura.
I'm always excited to see her creations,
and she always has many.

Below is Happy, our Fiber Art Society president.
She is holding her unfinished art quilt she is creating
for our next show.
It is a bit hard to tell now,
but it is a bird riding on an elephant.
I know it will be beautiful,
as Happy always creates very unique pieces,
with beading and more.

Below are more pieces that were brought to show and tell.

Janet is entering this one in our World Peace show.

I love this mostly all black piece that Janet created for the show also.

These are gourd pins made by one of our basket makers
in the group. 
Aren't they lovely!
She sells them at shows,
and you would not believe how lightweight they are.

How to hang?  Vertical or horizontal?
That is the question!

Pat put lots of work into this piece!

Don't these curves look hard to do?

Cornelia made this bright and beautiful art quilt.
The leaves are 3-D.
Thanks Cornelia for loving and purchasing my
Imagine Peace art quilt.

This last photo shows Laura holding up
her nuno felted scarf.
The holes in it make it beautifiul, in my opinion,
and very unique and interesting.
She also hand dyed the wool,
and hand dyed her shirt and tie/scarf she is wearing.

The meeting was wonderful as always.
It is always fun to get together with women
who enjoy the same things as you do.

It's yet another way to...
Savor the Day!


Barbara said...

Moon tea? I'm a July moonchild, so of course this gets my attention, thanks!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really MUST try that moon tea. It sounds like something I would try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Also LOVE the fiber arts. I have to admit that I could see the bird in Happy's future quilt, but I thought the elephant looked like a tiger. And I agree that those curves look difficult. I like the gourd pins, and yes, I would believe how lightweight they are, since I have worked with gourds before. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great Tea Tuesday.

Halle said...

Moon tea sounds very interesting.
Your fiber arts group looks like a lot of fun! Beautiful work!!

kimmie said...

Your moon tea sounds like ancient wisdom...I think I will try that with herbs from my garden.

Your fiber arts friends are a great source of inspiration and encouragement! You are very lucky to have a group of kindred spirits!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great post Yvonne! I learn so much from your posts and this one is no exception. Also loved the fabric art 'show' - wish there were like minds in my area.

Mary Hysong said...

The moon tea sounds interesting and all the fiber artists are doing amazing work! Enjoyed your 'inchie' painting, that is really unique! I find it hard to do mixed media; I tend to mostly just make a mess. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my sunflowers, Happy PPF!

Mary Hysong said...

PS I buy my Atelier Interactive acrylics from Dick Blick; there is a link at the top of my blog. The paints are made by Chroma. I don't know if they are still doing it, but when I bought the set of paints and mediums they also sent a free CD with short clips about using the different mediums like impasto gel, modeling compound, binder medium and unlocking formula. The Unlocking formula is for when the paint has dried beyond the point that just water will reconstitute it. Also if where you live is really dry you might want to get some of the retarder. Here sometimes we have less than 10% humidity so when it's like that I mix a little retarder into the paint on the palette and it keeps it workable longer.