Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lighthouse Musings

I am so in love with lighthouses.
The life of a lighthouse keeper
was always interesting to me.
When my husband and I met Rick Pratt,
who for 19 years,
 was the keeper of the light 
at the Lydia Ann in Aransas Pass,
I was inspired to find out more
about the 'light keeper' life style.

(Rick standing in front of the old lighthouse Fresnal lens)

In 1955, after no government entities expressed interest
 in the abandoned Aransas Pass Lighthouse,
it was sold into private hands.
Rick and Cameron Pratt were live-in caretakers.
 At the end of each day they
would ascend the Lydia Ann's tower of sixty steps to activate the light.
Then, Rick filled the evening air with the drone of bagpipes
as Cameron lowered the station’s flags
– a fitting ceremony for a lighthouse
 acquainted with years of regimented life
 under the Lighthouse Service.

This is the Lydia Ann lighthouse in Aransas Pass today.
Her service was from 1851-1952.
Just imagine the solitude and peace most times.
Then imagine remaining here during a great storm,
all alone.

I remember only the first verse of
 a poem by Longfellow called
The Lighthouse...
The rocky ledge runs far into the sea,
and on its outer point, some miles away,
the lighthouse lifts its massive masonry,
A pillar of fire by night, of cloud by day.

And also... I remember the first time I heard
The Lighthouse's Tale
by Nickel Creek.
You can see the music video,
and read the words here...

You can also see 'me' (sort of) at the top of the
Port Isabel Lighthouse.
Now you have to remember that I was scared of heights at the time.

Savor the Day!
I try to, even if it's in little ways.


Barbara said...

Can't catch up on everything after 2 day hurricane power outage, so will just start with this post and thought -- I also love lighthouses, or to be more exact, anything that has to do with the sea. Very interesting post!

Terrie said...

You asked about the seaglass in my painting - it's a teal piece tucked up next to the middle seashell - kinda hard to see against the dark brown background in the photo. I have a detail shot of it but didn't post that.... Thanks for the visit.