Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get Inspired!

My sister and I just happened across
the coolest place called
'People make these tiles'
is their motto.
Aloe Tile is a family owned business,
that's set up in an old warehouse.
Tall ceilings and lots of natural light
help the Aloettes in their work.

Anything you can design or imagine,
they can create.
This is very durable handcrafted art tile,
used indoors and out.

The space was something that just made me feel good.

There was of course all their tile making equipment
but there were also books, paintings,
architectual salvage pieces,
antiques and old artisan items,
old tile making tools,
and much more really cool stuff...
making it have lots of creative energy.
It is a place that just feels good!
It helps when the people who work there
are so friendly and happy.
Classical music was playing in the background,
which made the experience even better.

 I'm sure you have a similar place in your area.
Go visit it sometime,
as you may get inspired to learn pottery,
make your own tiles,
create your own mosiacs etc.

Savor the Day!


kimmie said...

wow what a find! I've seen pottery decorating places - but tile is really cool! I would do it!

Deborah said...

Oh how FUN! I think even I could make a tile, that is, if I am allowed to color outside the line. I love your art! **happy smiles** Deb

P.S. The baby shots are just phone shots the kids take for now...but in two months The soldier and his family will come home for good!

Amy said...

That's cool. Where is it?