Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tea Day Musings

 Every morning
I've been having a cup of Yerba Mate,
and for Tea Tuesday I think I will do the same.
My husband painted my wire tea cups
that I found at the thrift store.
I'm using them as candle holders today,
but I know they will have many more uses
around the house.

I've been in the garden this week,
as the beautiful weather draws me outside.
One of my new plants is this Rio Dipladenia.

As midday brings warmer temperatures,
I go inside and enjoy my new organized studio space.
This week I designed a bookmark for myself,
using Photoshop.
 The red dragonfly is part of one of my paintings
of the real red dragonfly that I saw once.
Then I added some quotes.

By late afternoon, each day,
 temperatures drop once again, and
 my husband and I sit in the yard,
watching the birds,
laughing and talking about our days,
 about getting older,
and just about life in general.

I did catch this photo of a little hummingbird.
We have probably a dozen or more around the feeders.

Time spent in the garden
is like therapy...
 Creating art is like therapy.
Having a balance of being alone,
and being with others
is important to me.

 All these things in my life
 have brought me to the conclusion that

I need to....

  ...let people know how much I love them much more often
... let family and friends know how much they mean to me

                                    … put words to my thoughts, and to slow my thoughts down
                                                              … let go of the past
                                            …accept where my life's choices have brought me
                                                          … just be in the moment
and if only in my solitude and my thoughts...
 to just...

Savor the Day!


Barbara said...

Nice post, Yvonne. Love your peaceful painting, although I've never touched a dragonfly, maybe I should!

kimmie said...

I love this post - everything about it :)

(and what a fun and whimsical quote from a dragonfly)

"Savor the Day" Yvonne - I know you are!

Halle said...

Lovely post...we all need some therapy in life...no matter how we find it. I think it changes over time as well.
Happy T day!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Yvonne this is just the most wonderful heart warming post... thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts with us... and I am still loving those wire tea cups... just beautiful as candle holders... have an extraordinary week...xx

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

The wire tea cups are so special! Dragonflies are magic! Peace, Mary Helen

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I agree that art and gardens are special. I am not a lover of gardening, but I do it so I can grow food for summer. I really love the red dragonfly and quotes, as well as your new Rio Dipladenia. Hope your tea day was perfect and your tea cups are now lighting the nightime skies.

Deborah said...

Many good thoughts and images. I love the dragonfly bookmark.