Friday, April 6, 2012

My Red Admiral Morning

 Yesterday when I walked out my front door
hundreds of red admiral butterflies
fluttered up around me.
They were everywhere,
hundreds and hundreds.
It was an amazing site to see.
With my mouth wide open in awe
it was difficult for me to get a quality photo
of these little guys flying all around me.
There were so many...
 hundreds on my red brick house, in my flower beds,
in the grass, in the trees...everywhere!!!
They landed on my arms, on my head,
on my sandaled feet.
I just stayed calm and had, I'm sure, a goofy grin on my face as
I was totally amazed and pleased at what was happening.
I wanted to run and get my camera,
or at least put my phone camera to use.
But I didn't want to move and run them off.
I thought at first that they may be small monarchs,
but later learned online that they are
"Red Admirals".
What a site it was!
I'll never forget my red admiral morning.

"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly,
"one must have sunshine, freedom
and a little flower."
---Hans Christian Anderson

 "We are like butterflies who flutter for a day
and think it is forever."
---Carl Sagan

Red Admirals do migrate,
and at present are headed north
to get out of this south Texas heat.
They do not migrate back south in the fall,
like the monarchs.

There is actually a poem by Robert Dana called
Morning of the Red Admirals...
read by clicking on this link...
Dana has a collection of poems by the same name.
It will have to go on my wish list.

To read more poetry and stories about butterflies click

 This kind of blessing sure helps me to.....
Savor the Day!


Anonymous said...

wow, what a lucky break, beauty of a butterfly!
I must say your work is beautiful,

Barbara/myth maker said...

How exciting that must have been!

Kris said...

What a delightful experience for you!

kimmie said...

What a treat! And tailor made for you - the true nature lover!

Bea said...

WOW, what a fantastic thing to see. I often will see clusters of little itty bitty blue or yellow butterflies late in the summer but never anything like you saw. Those are those precious moments that you want to just retain in your memory. :)Bea

Barbara said...

Incredible, what fun! I don't think I've ever seen more than two in the same place.

Lorraine said...

what a marvellous sight that must have been..I spent a long time just watching the birds in the rain in my garden..blackbirds, robins and blue tits all feeding on the peanuts and splashing in the puddles

Halle said...

I think I saw a couple of these sipping nectar from our crab apple blossoms today. Didn't know what they were. Thanks!