Thursday, April 5, 2012

Edible Flower recipe

 The spring weather draws me outside,
to dig in the dirt.
Last week I planted my vegetable garden,
some new plants in my flower beds,
and I'm ready for more.
My friend Karen has taken cuttings
and started some new plants for me.
WhooHoo!  I'm so excited!
Can't wait to add them to my garden.
Photos to come later.

In the meantime I wanted to share
some photos of spring flowers
followed by an edible flower recipe.

Wildflowers in Sarita, Texas.

The Texas thistle flower is pretty,
and butterflies love them.

Flowers are always pretty in mass.

Aren't these pretty?
Not sure what they are,
but it may the little wildflower called

One flower I love to grow is
I'm putting it on my list of seeds to purchase.

Here is a recipe that I've made
 using the edible nasturtium flower.
I got it from
The Pleasure of Herbs
by Phyllis Shaudys

Nasturtium Salad

2 cucumbers
36 small nasturtium leaves
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
2 T. wine vinegar
6 T. salad oil
salt and pepper to taste
2 T. chopped fresh tarragon
6 nasturtium flowers with leaves

Peel and slice cucumbers thinly.
Wash nasturtiums leaves;
remove stems and drain. 
Mix well in blender the remaining ingredients,
 except for the flowers with leaves. 
 When ready to serve,
combine the cucumbers, small nasturtium leaves,
 and the dressing and toss gently. 
Garnich with nasturtium flowers with leaves. 
Serves 4

There are many ways to enjoy spring.
Go get your hands in the dirt and....

Savor the Day!


Charade said...

I used to grow nasturtiums on the east and south sides of the house in Wyoming, but they were for the box elder bugs - the only way I knew to keep those pesky things out of the house. They'd mow down the nasturtiums, then leave town or die. Now I want to try again just for this recipe. It sounds so tasty.

Threads of Inspiration said...

The recipe sounds delicious as well as colorful. I think nasturtiums are so beautiful. Thanks for the beautiful flower pics as well!