Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gifts from a friend...

Tammy, over at T's Daily Treasures,
sent me a package this week,
of very special gifts.
It was such a surprise,
but that is just like her,
always doing special little things for people.
You can visit her at her blog

The silk painting is from India, the handmade card is from Nepal and the crocheted items were done by Tammy herself.  I love them all.
Thanks so much Tammy!

Here is a close up of the painting.

It's so nice to meet wonderful people through blogging.
It's amazing how you get attached with this
special kind of friendship.
Wishing you all the best Tammy,
and thank you again.

Savor the Day!

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is such a sweet gift from the heart...I love the tiny treasures she has crocheted ..just for you...threads of friendship. Peace be with you...we have had a plethora of dragonflies this summer...I always smile and think of you. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart