Friday, August 30, 2013

Quilts galore.....

My cousin Paula makes the most beautiful quilts.  While visiting her recently
she showed me some of her quilt tops and recently finished quilts.  This one looks like stained glass and I just love the colors.  Here is a close up of one of the blocks.
Lots of handwork went into this, but the results are just amazing!
Here are some more of her quilts.
This one is made with old ladies handkerchiefs.  Remember using those?  Some of the hankies have memories for Paula as they belonged to family members.
I love scrap quilts, and I can tell you Paula has lots of fabric and lots of great scraps!
Her sewing room is a quilters dream.  LOL

This one is a Christmas Row Quilt.  It has snowmen, reindeer, penquins, winter gloves, Santas and of course trees.  Very fun quilt!  I have never made a Christmas quilt,
but have now been inspired to do so.
Look at these wonderful bold colors in this chevron quilt.  Love the colors together in this one.
This Wedding Ring quilt is one she made for her daughter Misty.  The vintage fabrics and colors make it very special.  I know Misty will treasure this.
Here is another view.  I hear these are very difficult to make, as there are so many curves.  So whoever has one should realize just how much work goes into something like this.  It's a beautiful quilt to say the least.
Paula and I sewed while I visited.  I am working on an
Eleanor Burns quilt called Bears in the Woods.
Photos coming later when I get back up there to visit.

What is your favorite kind and brand of sewing/quilting machine?
I am planning on getting a new one and would love your opinions.

Savor the Day!


Barbara said...

You have a talented cousin, Yvonne! They are all stunning quilts. The one that caught my eye the most is the one made from handkerchiefs. Coincidentally, I just recently piled up the ladies' hankies I have and want to make a quilt with them. Thanks for the beautiful show!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those are gorgeous quilts and will be treasured heirlooms in years to come!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Wow I wish I could have been there...she has such a variety of compositions and delightful colors. Her newest one is striking...the flowers are very much like a stained glass...thank you for sharing. What a wonderful way to tell stories for generations in the future. Beautiful works. Thank you for sharing. Happy Labor 's Day!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Kris said...

Truly stunning. My fav is the wedding ring quilt. But that stained glass one is really unique. What a talent she is!

Netty said...

wow all these quilts are gorgeous, your friend is a very talented quilter. Thank you for sharing, Annette x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I enjoyed the quilt show and must say the stained glass quilt is my favourite. As for the sewing machine question...mine is a Janome Decor Excel 5018. It's quite simply a workhorse machine and I love it. I purchased this particular machine because it is designed to be able to manage multiple layers of denim. It has a modest amount of decorative type stitches which I rarely use. I'm afraid I can't hazard a guess as to what is the best multi-use machine, but I can certainly recommend Janome if the rest of their machines are as great as mine.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although I have no desire to make a "real" quilt, I was blown away by these beauties. My favorite is the stained glass quilt. When I saw it in the tiny icon, I thought it WAS stained glass. You are so lucky to have such a talented cousin.

I also heard that Wedding Ring quilt was quite hard to make. I think my grandmother made one as a gift. It was all hand cut, hand sewn, and hand quilted. That was how Grams made all her quilts.

I confess, I'm no good at sewing machines. Mine was given to me by a friend as a birthday gift. She got it on Ebay and it has no fancy stitches at all, and no feed dogs that drop. Since I mostly use mine for paper, I love what I have, but would never suggest anyone else get one like it (grin).

Happy Labor Day.

Lorraine said...

wow amazing