Saturday, October 26, 2013

October garden progress...

Gardening time is prime in October,
here in south Texas.
I've been so busy that I just now filled my beds
and planted seeds etc.
The raised beds are filled with great stuff
like different kinds of compost,
peat moss, vermiculite, top soil,
and other good stuff.
John Dromgoole, a gardener from Austin, Texas
created a wonderful garden blend.
He is known as the Natural Gardener
and has the longest running garden radio talk show in America.
Visit his site here

Here is my garden today....
I planted herbs in the center bed where the sun dial is.
Where the cages are I planted pea vines.
Then I transplanted some cabbage plants,
planted some lettuces, mesclun, beets, and more
fall/winter veggie seeds.
In about 60 days it will be harvest time.

This is La Mancha, the cat.

He loves the garden,
and likes to lie down under my hibiscus.
Here he is coming up onto our patio.
He is still very shy.
He basically lives in the lot next door,
but visits us often.
He is a wild cat, but we hope to catch him
and take him to the vet one day.

A friend of mine told me her father was growing
a lot of Papaya trees from seed. 
She said they were up and ready to transplant
if I wanted some.
I was thrilled to take three.
They are
about 2 feet tall so far.

I can't wait to pick a fresh papaya!

Savor the Day!


Barbara said...

Since we were speaking of works of art, that is your garden!

Kris said...

Your garden is going to be so delightful. Good luck with La Mancha!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

mmmmmm - your own payayas...what could be better than that?

Halle said...

Your backyard is beautiful. We are putting everything to bed for the winter up here...

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

This is our growing season, too. I was so happy to buy plants this weekend and spend many hours repotting everything. Still have more to do but will get to them this coming weekend. Papaya! How wonderful! Best wishes, Tammy

Caterina Giglio said...

oh wow, fresh Papayas... lovely and thanks for the pics of the progress in the garden... wonderful!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm simply in AWE of your winter garden. If only I lived in a more temperate zone! Love that you show the progress you have made. It won't be long, now. I suspect you'll be sharing pea, cabbage, and lettuce recipes with us "northerners" at Christmas, while we are fighting for something fresh in our markets.

Sorry to read about your migraine. I've heard they can last for days on end.

Bleubeard is impressed that you want to care for the wild cat and take him to the vet. So kind of you!

Shirley said...

Your garden looks great Yvonne. Peas and herbs sound yummy. I wish we could grow papaya outside here!

Amy said...

Garden is looking good. Daddy mentioned he was working on the beds when I talked to him while you were in NC. Pretty kitty too! Love you.

Unknown said...

We are only just now taking our 5 month break from the garden - it is a sorry sight right about now as we're having nightly frost now. Your garden is lovely and colorful with your papaya colored walls and lemon colored raised beds. A papaya tree sounds truly magnificent!!

Lorraine said...

lovely photos and what lovely cat..our garden is very soggy with all the heavy storms we have had blowing autumn leaves everywhere too

Linda Jo said...

Your garden is going to be so abundant! Anxious to hear how the papayas do! Advantages of living in South Texas!!!