Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Understanding Beauty and Truth Tea

Japanese proverb---
If man has no tea in him,
he is incapable of
understanding truth
or beauty.

Happy Tea on Tuesday everyone!

My sister and I had lunch
at a wonderful Asian restaurant.
 I enjoyed a pot of
Jasmine tea,
while she had some green tea.
Both very good and healthy.
The food was delicious too!

 Green tea is the variety
which keeps the original colour of the tea leaves
without fermentation during processing.
So I drink a lot of green tea.

Jasmine tea is one of my favorites...
but then again I have so many favorites.  LOL
Scented tea, like the jasmine tea, is made
by mixing fragrant flowers
in the tea leaves
in the course of processing.
The flowers commonly used for this purpose
 are jasmine and magnolia.
There are many others I've used in my own tea mixes.
I would love to try magnolia one day,
but haven't found it here locally.

Hope you give new tea flavors a try

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Savor the Day!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Yes, I'm back for Tea Tuesday. Like you, I love Jasmine flower tea. Most of the teas you buy in the oriental markets do not have the flowers in the leaves. I have yet to find Jasmine flower tea with real flowers in my town. I found some in LA, but it is all gone, now. I've never found magnolia tea, either. But I sure will look for it tomorrow when I go shopping. Thanks for the heads-up.

Halle said...

Nice that you able able to have lunch with your sister!
I've become accustomed to green tea now. I can't say that I love it but I know its good for me so I drink it.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am back to wonderful Green Teas to help my immune system and I am painting today...thank you for you visit to my post. Sunshine please... Peae, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anonymous said...

I also love jasmine tea, I'm not fond of green though, strong black with milk in sugar is my poisen,, bad I know but love it,

T's Daily Treasures said...

Plain green tea, and green tea with mint or jasmine, are my favorites. With cooler weather, I am having several cups a day at school to keep warm. Happy tea day! Tammy

kimmie said...

I love green tea - it's like spring time in a cup :)

and it turns out (per one of my commentors) that Silver Tips Tea is a real tea - still don't know about Clear Distance or Eyebrows of Longevity

Hope you find your magnolia tea some day :)

Happy Tuesday!

*jean* said...

i just received a bag of jasmine tea! i shall try it tomorrow morning! happy tea day, yvonne!!